Benefits of Booking a Banquet Hall

India is known for its culture, and every special occasion is celebrated with great pomp and show. In India, a banquet hall is the most sought-after venue for such celebrations. You can also opt for outdoor venues Dragon Park or spaces inside a restaurant. However, home venues have their limitations. A banquet hall provides a more spacious and more comfortable setting for your event. Moreover, you can have the convenience of in-house catering, which saves you from hunting for separate catering service.

In-house catering eliminates the hassle of hunting for a separate catering service

When you book a banquet hall, you are able to choose an in-house caterer from the event venue’s menu, thereby eliminating the need to search for a separate provider. While some venues provide a set menu, in-house caterers will work with you to customize the menu to fit your style and preferences. Aside from avoiding the hassle of hunting for a separate catering service, in-house caterers will also guide you through the process of planning the menu. Additionally, in-house catering will also eliminate any coordination work for the event venue’s staff.

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When choosing an in-house caterer, make sure to sample the food before signing a contract. Ask if the caterer offers a free tasting, and if you can request a cancellation. If you can’t taste the food, you can always pay a small fee for a mini-tasting of three to five dishes.

Accessibility of banquet halls

The accessibility of a banquet hall for any event should take into consideration the needs of the disabled community. The venue should have accessible toilets with automatic doors and grab bars. It should also be ADA-compliant and accessible for guests with special needs. Additionally, the venue should be accessible by car or bus and should be handicap-accessible. Guests should be able to move around the venue easily, including the restrooms, as there should be ample seating.

In addition to the accessibility of the venue, the staff and volunteers should be trained to assist guests with disabilities. In addition, the staff should be knowledgeable about the needs of people with mobility devices and limited speech. The event space should be designed in such a way that accessibility can be promoted through universal design. This way, people with disabilities can take part in all aspects of the event. For any special needs or accessibility requirements, the venue should make a thorough effort to meet these needs.

Aside from accessibility of restrooms, accessible signage is a must. Sign language interpreters can talk alongside speakers. Alternatively, audio-assisted signage is available. A venue should also have wheelchair-accessible directions and Braille on all signage. People with visual impairments should be able to access the venue by referring to the AIRA or Right Hear service. If a venue has a range of seating options, it should provide a suitable option for everyone.

Cost of hiring a banquet hall

The cost of hiring a banquet hall for any occasion varies greatly. Most of these facilities are booked months in advance. In such cases, the process can seem long and complex. You have to deal with the sales department of the hotel chain to book the hall. However, this is not always necessary, as some banquet halls are available for hire at much lower costs. Here are some things to keep in mind when comparing prices.

If you are unsure about the budget for your event, you should know that banquet hall rental is primarily driven by the type of event you are hosting. Traditionally, banquets were held to celebrate the prestige of the host, or to reinforce social bonds among joint contributors. Today, banquets may take the form of a charitable event, a celebration or a ceremony. In many cases, speeches are delivered in honor of the topic, whereas in other cases, the guests may merely enjoy their food.

In addition to the price of hiring a banquet hall, you also have to pay for the catering services, which can add a substantial portion of the wedding budget. While the Bridal Association of America estimates the average cost of hiring a banquet hall to be $1,244 for a wedding, the actual cost can vary between $500 and $2,250 for a large venue. It is also important to note that the cost of hiring a banquet hall for an event can be much higher if the venue is not owned by a hotel.