Types Of Dentistry Services

A general dentist can be the initial point of call for patients seeking other forms of oral healthcare and performs basic dentistry services. These types of general dentists typically treat the entire face and mouth. Some services, like dental implants, will require a referral from a specific dentist who specializes in a certain area of dentistry. Some dental implant services, like a crown, are not covered by general dentistry but must be performed by a specialist of Pflugerville Smiles Dentistry. A dental hygienist can be a great resource for information regarding any oral healthcare concerns and can assist with preventative care if he/she notices something out of the ordinary.

Cosmetic dentistry services range from porcelain veneers to teeth whitening. Bridges and crowns are two examples of restorative services that can be performed in a dental office and require no referral. Bridges are relatively simple restorations that restore the appearance of a tooth that has been missing, most often because of broken fillings or a crown that has fallen off. Crowns, which are made of metal and place over a tooth, are another common type of restorative procedure. They’re placed over an existing tooth to protect it and help replace it in the event of a cavity or other problem.

Cosmetic Dental Services - Restore Your Smile and Confidence

Dental implants are used to replace teeth that have been damaged, cracked, or removed because of decay. Restorative services offered by many general dentists also include dental implants and bridges, but most often these procedures are offered through a specialist. Invisalign is another popular option offered by many dentists, which is a removable orthodontic tray that is customized for each patient’s needs.

Some dental services may not be available from a general dentist. In some cases, patients may need to go to a specialty clinic or dentist for specific treatments. One such treatment is cosmetic dentistry, which often includes the creation of a tooth-like structure that is used to treat patients. For example, a patient may have missing teeth that they’d like to fix, but cannot because of a lack of the proper technology to make a casting. Cosmetic dentistry allows the patient to correct their smile using a tooth-like structure made out of porcelain or composite materials that can then be attached to the patient’s natural tooth.

Preventive dental care is often recommended to help avoid serious dental problems and potential oral infections. A good preventive dental plan includes comprehensive and basic oral care services, as well as relevant technology and preventive dental procedures that can help keep your teeth clean and healthy. Some of the more popular services that a good preventive dental care plan typically includes include teeth cleaning and whitening, which help remove plaque and stains that can damage your teeth and mouth. Other services include fluoride application to your teeth, which helps strengthen enamel to protect them from decay and build up of bacteria.

General dentistry services are designed to help all patients maintain good oral health. Many patients visit a general dentistry clinic for routine checkups and to get x-rays and other related procedures. However, some people visit a dentist for specific needs or to receive cosmetic procedures. Some of the most common services offered through a general dentistry clinic include tooth extraction, tooth brushing, tooth whitening, and jaw surgery. If you’ve experienced a tooth ache or some type of sore throat, a general dentistry clinic might also be able to help you by providing medications or by recommending mouth guards to help prevent tooth decay. Whatever oral hygiene problem you’re experiencing, a general dentistry practice can help.